U.L.I. (unlimited inspiration) is an eclectic  solo-project ranging from the 70s , 80s up to modern electronical sounds.

Stilistically different influences & genres are stired and shaken to always new cocktails of funk, latin, rock, folk, jazz , psychedelic, electro, ambient.......one word :FUSION!

Im playing e-guitar, e-bass, Yamaha "MO6" Synth, percs and am using a Yamaha "AW 1600"  multitracker for recording, mixing, editing and mastering .
Totalling this is mostly handcrafted music, inviting the  listener to dance , chill , relax, foot tapping, headbanging, dream.................

Please feel free to post your impressions, opinions, ideas and suggestions .

My album "Anfunk" contains 10 tracks and you can listen to on "bandAmp" or download quality-WAV-files for free on "Restorm.com" under CC-by-nc license. Also you can buy licenses for commercial usage.
http://uli5.restorm.com/albums/37054 and download .

My album "Electronaut" - 8 tracks - is (still) available for free on "jamendo.com." under CC-by-nc-sa license as 192kbit mp3-files.

guantanamo has killed the american sense of HUMANITY

July 9th, 2013 + 10:07 AM  ·  ULI

Since 9.11. the USA government has forgotten/lost its understanding of humanity, democracy, freedom, transparency, civil rights, law and order and all the other ethical worths/values what they are/were fighting for everywhere else in the world.
Theyre lying, spying (friends), fighting illegal wars to spread THEIR understanding of democracy and human right.
Obama promised to close Guantanamo but those christian democrats always stopped any attempt to close this illegal KZ. Yes, this is like a KZ. Ignoring american laws, abuse, physical and psycholoical torture,
isolation, force-fed . Everyday life on this lil island.

The following video - produced by Human Rights organisation Reprieve and Bafta award-winning director Asif Kapadia, US actor and rapper Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def)- may give you a tiny, small, little impression of what it may mean sitting (perhaps innocent) in Guantanamo and being force-fed against your will .
Hello, NSA, CIA and............ , I know you will read this........................is nobody among you guys who find this also double-moral-standard ?????? Is this christian behaviour ??? No doubts in your doing ???
Is no honest, upright Snowden among you who wants just tell the truth ??       No ??     Pitty??

Im totally nauseated

Watch this and puke.........


I guess I used a bunch of Keywords for the  algoritms of their spy-machines........huuuuhuuuu

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ever heard of Jess Lewis ??

May 31st, 2013 + 3:05 PM  ·  ULI

I came across this absolute stunning young talented -- no, blessed -- female guitarist. She's just 16 or 17 on these vids, recorded in the "jamtrackcentral studios" .
Enjoy her versatile, expressive and mature playing..................
.........sweet lil sixteen..............

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flussfahrt im herbst

April 2nd, 2013 + 7:04 AM  ·  ULI

Heres the vid to my recent audio upload . Some nice pics from last autumn to some simple gitti-chords.
Enjoy the peaceful mood.


flussfahrt im herbst

March 29th, 2013 + 10:03 AM  ·  ULI

Long time ago when I produced and uploaded something new.
For months I played around with some simple 2-finger-chords- progressions.
Now I picked me up to make a consistent piece of these chords. I added a smooth fretless bass and some percs......................et voilà.........................here it is............ Just 2 minutes............

Would appreciate a bit feedback very much.

Relax and enjoy...

Alvin Lee died at 68

March 16th, 2013 + 4:03 AM  ·  ULI

Sasdly a few days agp one of the most talented and important rock / blues guitarists is gone ........home .

When I was 15 Ive seen the Woiddstock movie the first time. And when TYA began to play "Going home" I was totally impressed, enthusiastic about his passionate hi-speed-playing,..................."whoooaaahhh !!!! Whats this guy doing with his axe, man?""
Til today this song one of the highlights of the entire festival  (to me).

So, this a lil reminescence to this fantastic, unique git player worldwide
R.I.P. Alvin

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